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Privacy  Policy

Alliance Airlines Privacy Statement

Alliance Airlines understands the importance of privacy to all individuals. We adhere to the Australian legislation on privacy in the private sector and are committed to protecting your personal and data privacy. We limit our collection and use of your personal data to the information we need to conduct our business and provide you with the highest quality service.

Data Collection and Use of Information

In order to provide the highest quality service there is basic information we must collect. This information is important to identify you, to contact you, to conduct market research or marketing activities, to process all employment applications, to satisfy regulatory requirements including reporting and immigration issues or to process your travel purchase or freight booking. This information may include:

  • Names;
  • Address;
  • Age;
  • Phone number, and other contact details;
  • Credit card number and expiry date;
  • For international flights, passport or document of identity details including number, nationality, date of birth, gender and full name as on document.
  • Details of past employment, training and experience, fitness for work, and other information in relation to employment applications.

In order to provide you with the highest quality service we may also require other information to customise our service.

This information may include:

  • Your date of birth so that any special service requests may be made such as to seniors and children;
  • Any special needs you may have in order for us to plan and provide the proper seating arrangements to maximise safety on your journey;
  • In the case of unaccompanied minors, we will require names and addresses of third parties of those people who deliver the children at the airport and those who collect the children at the point of arrival;
  • Your Frequent Flyer number with special personal identifiers to personally identify you to enable you discounts and Frequent Flyer Points to be applied with us or our associated airlines.
  • Your resume or curriculum vitae for employment related activities.

This information may be collected directly by us from you or this information may be passed on to us by third parties such as travel agents, recruitment consultants, wholesalers or freight forwarders. And other industry partners. In such situations, we will ensure that those parties abide by and respect your privacy.

Disclosure of Information

In some circumstances we may have to disclose your personal information to third parties such as our airline code sharing partners, airport operators, certain government agencies and security providers, airline caterers, medical providers, and other parties. By providing us with personal or sensitive information you are consenting to us disclosing this to third parties in this manner. Again, this will only be done if we can be sure that the third party also respects your privacy rights. If you do not wish this to occur you should make this known to the airline staff or representatives who process your booking.

Direct E-mail

Our direct e-mail service offers specifically targeted information to reach you on short notice. In these situations you will need to provide us with your personal address, place of business, postcode, telephone number, and e-mail address. You may unsubscribe from our e-mail service at any time by phoning or writing to us

Access to your Information – Alliance Customers

You may request access to information we hold about you and we will provide you with such information unless an exception from doing so applies under the National Privacy Principles. We may require you to pay a charge for accessing this information.

Access to your Information – Alliance Employees

A Personnel file will be confidentially maintained on all employees of Alliance. Employees may access their own Personnel files which are held in the secure Human Resource records room. This can only be conducted in the presence of the Human Resource Manager or the Privacy Officer. Managers may also access files for employees that report to them.

Requests by any third party for information relating to Alliance employees can only be given out by the Human Resource Manager or Privacy Officer. The employee involved must organize to provide prior consent authorizing the release of this information. This would include details such as confirmation of employment and salary information by financial institutions or real estate agents.

Employee Recruitment

Applicants for employment in Alliance will be required to supply information that will include personal information and this will be used to assess those applications and to contact applicants. Successful applicants’ personal information will then go into their employment file. Resumes of unsuccessful applicants will, be returned to the applicants, or held on file for and agreed period of time, or destroyed. While the information is held by Alliance it remains the property of Alliance and will not be passed on to third parties for any purpose.

Accuracy of your Personal Information

We will endeavor to keep your personal information up to date and complete. Please contact us to update your personal information and we will take reasonable steps to make any necessary corrections.

Transferring Information OverseasIt is possible that we may transfer your personal information to foreign airlines, foreign governments or foreign travel and freight service providers. This may be required in order for us to perform our contract with you. You shall be taken to have consented to this transfer of information unless you inform us otherwise.


We have appointed a Privacy Officer to deal with any concerns or queries you might have concerning how your personal information is collected or used by us. Our Privacy Officer can be contacted as follows:

Marc Devine
c/o Alliance Airlines
PO Box 1126
Eagle Farm QLD 4009
Please note that this Policy may be updated from time to time.

Copyright © Alliance Airlines 2009


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